No courses were found with the words 'Issues in Teaching and Learning Introduction This course is designed to serve a variety of purposes as the initial entry into a two-year program of study that is destined to alter the ways we think about classrooms leading to changes in the qualities of teaching and learning. Because you, the graduate student, are already a practicing teacher, this course must be responsive to what you already know and believe from your years of experience in classrooms. Though we have gathered a set of core readings that make up a course reader, we will only know what needs to be read and discussed most carefully as we, the graduate teaching faculty, come to learn more about you, the graduate students. In this sense, the structure of this course is an example of what we might call teaching as clinical practice. We come to the seminar table with a set of ideas in mind, but we apply and adapt these ideas as we develop a better understanding of the questions and experiences you bring to the classroom. We have clear learning goals for this course, but we cannot fully know in advance how to reach these goals until classes begin, and we come to understand how best to serve this community of learners. Learning Goals By the end of this course, we seek to achieve the following: • Create a professional learning community that will support the continued development and implementation of leading ideas in education. • Explore and become conversant with current ideas and perspectives related to educational practice and research. • Identify and develop questions about teaching and learning that will guide explorations and innovations during the next two years of graduate study. • Connect educational theory and research to the challenges of improving adolescent education. • Reflect on current teaching practices and implicit theories of student learning in the context of key ideas from educational theory and research.'